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M&A advisors

Specialists in cross-border & technology M&A

Presser & Co is an Australian based global boutique and independent investment bank and financial services company that is headquartered in Melbourne Australia. 

The firm provides clients in the mid-market with M&A and financial advisory services with an emphasis on cross-border transactions. Presser & Co and has significant enterprise software sector M&A expertise including financial services M&A,  energy billing M&A, telecommunications billing M&A and BSS, payments technology M&A and digital monetization technology M&A.

Presser & Co is also a founding partner in a global network of independent M&A advisers who include Network Corporate Finance (Germany), Scouting Capital Advisors (Italy), RA Capital Advisors (USA), Quore Capital (Netherlands), Excalibur Capital (Warsaw Poland), MAPE Group (Mumbai, Bangelore, Chennai India) and Sabadell Corporate Finance (Madrid, Bilbao Spain) and MetroAscent (Hong Kong).

Presser & Co_Brandmark_Primary.png
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Trevor established Presser & Co in 2014.


In a career spanning more than three decades Trevor has held a number of roles in the global IT industry with firms including engineering software vendor Moldflow Inc (MFLD: Nasdaq), ERP vendor Masterpack and was previously Head of M&A, Hansen Technologies Ltd. (ASX: HSN).

Throughout his career he has also developed a deep understanding and knowledge of IP-rich merger and acquisition (M&A) activities.

Trevor holds a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from Monash University and a Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University.



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