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Boutique M&A advisors who

make your goals a reality

Unprecedented Expertise

The firm provides clients in the mid-market with M&A and financial advisory services with an emphasis on cross-border transactions.
Presser & Co and has significant expertise in energy transition software and industrial technology M&A. 

Global Network

Presser & Co is also a founding partner in a global network of independent M&A advisers who include Network Corporate Finance (Germany), Scouting Capital Advisors (Italy), RA Capital Advisors (USA), Quore Capital (Netherlands), Excalibur Capital (Warsaw Poland), MAPE Group (Mumbai, Bangelore, Chennai India) and Sabadell Corporate Finance (Madrid, Bilbao Spain) and MetroAscent (Hong Kong).

Why Choose Us?

30+ years experience

Bespoke solutions

Personal service

Great track record

Low volume,

results driven

Global network

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Business Partners



Our Team

Presser & Co has a small, focused and dynamic team with expertise in financial analysis, data mining, statistics and general technology associated with the M&A process

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Level 3, 461 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000, Australia

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