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Sell side advisory

Within our Sell-side advisory group, we assist would-be or imminent sellers to commence the sales-readiness process, including providing services to identify value limiting business areas, often one or more years out from the commencement of an actual sales process. We undertake industry, serial or incumbent buyer and occasional or challenger buyer research and pre-marketing to understand where and how our buyer group would intend to create value through an acquisition.

Together with our client, we agree on the timing of transaction after considering the industry environment, business performance and owner objectives. And finally, we prepare sales information and datarooms and coordinate legal and tax advice to drive the sales process through a premium result, minimising management’s distraction from their business and obtaining the best possible terms for our client.

Buy side advisory

Within our Buy-side advisory group, we identify and approach targets, collaboratively negotiate initial terms, manage due diligences and assist in the final one-to-one negotiations that are required to achieve closure.

Capital raising

Presser & Co works within its industry sectors in structuring and placing equity and other securities within the private market. We work with owners, often in the early business development phases, to determine their capital needs and research and match potential providers of capital, based on their investment approach, track record and cultural fit. We assist owners to optimise the terms of the investment and manage and drive the process forward to a timely closure.

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